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Reliable Denture Services in Fort McMurray

At McMurray Denture Centre, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best. Don’t let missing teeth destroy your smile and self-confidence—improve nutrition and raise self-esteem with dentures from Karam Hamid and Jason Cunningham, D.D. McMurray Denture Centre provides a number of products and denture services with direct billing available to most insurance providers.

We offer denture relines, rebases, repairs, annual cleaning, soft liners, sports mouth guards and anti-snoring devices. When you choose us, we ensure that you achieve 100% customer satisfaction with our services. 

To schedule a service or to get your queries answered, feel free to reach out to our team today.

Front view of complete denture

Complete Dentures

Over 30 million North Americans wear dentures. At McMurray Denture Centre, we offer a variety of denture services, from cleaning and repairs to relines. Our goal is to make your dentures as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Jason Cunningham, D.D. has the professional experience you need for a great fit—improving your smile, as well as your speaking and chewing abilities. Traditional dentures are budget-friendly solutions for people missing their natural teeth.

Removable metal partial denture on white background

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made of replacement teeth attached to a plastic base. Connected by a metal framework, these dentures are used when the patient is missing several teeth but still has some remaining natural teeth. Partial dentures attach to your natural teeth by metal clasps or precision attachments, which are practically invisible. Precision attachments usually cost more than metal clasps.

Diagnosis and copayment

Traditional Dentures

McMurray Denture Centre now offers state-of-the-art titanium partials. They are stronger than older alloy-based partials and titanium is 2 times lighter than the traditional alloys. The lightness and strength of titanium make these partials more comfortable to wear than traditional partials. Missing most or all of your natural teeth? Get dentures to suit any budget, including complete dentures and implant overdentures.




Annual cleaning

Sports mouthguards

Anti-snoring devices

Removable full implant denture

Implant Overdentures

Gain confidence while preventing bone loss with implant overdentures from McMurray Denture. Implants, small titanium posts that are surgically attached to the jawbone, help maintain the structure of the jawbone, which is critical for maintaining your facial appearance and profile.

Implant vs regular denture

Implants vs. Regular Dentures

Regular complete dentures do not stop bone loss, and they can slip or float when chewing. With implant overdentures, there’s no need for relines—the dentures are fastened in place, and you can cough, chew, and laugh without embarrassment. Improve your chewing ability and function with implant overdentures from McMurray Denture Centre. Missing most or all of your natural teeth? Get dentures to suit any budget, including complete dentures and partial dentures.

BPS dentures

BPS® Dentures

BPS® dentures are state-of-the-art dentures made from layers of acrylic that replicate the look of natural teeth. These dentures are a vast improvement from traditional dentures, resisting staining, chipping, and wear. 


BPS® utilizes high-tech instruments to carefully measure your facial characteristics, from your smile to the structure of your facial muscles and lip contours. The base of the dentures is also revolutionary because it takes into account process shrinking, maximizing the precise fit of your denture, minimizing movement while eating, and reducing sore spots. 

Missing only some natural teeth, or looking for an alternative to traditional dentures? Consider partial or implant overdentures.

Portrait of a beautiful senior woman with healthy smile holding green apple at the dental office

Surgical Dentures

Surgical dentures by McMurray Denture Centre are placed on the same day as the removal of natural teeth. These dentures act as a “bandage” for your mouth, protecting the tissue and reducing bleeding. With surgical dentures, you never need to appear in public without teeth, nor do you need to learn how to speak clearly without your teeth.


Compared to missing teeth, these dentures facilitate better chewing and reduce facial distortion. These dentures are usually more expensive than traditional dentures because more time is spent on their construction and adjustments.


Get the Smile You Deserve

Let us help you highlight your smile with premium denture solutions.

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